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As is

CityLion wishes you a fantastic New Year and hopes it will be a huge success in all respects. To all of us. And what is the best day to start something new? The first day of the year, of course!

CityLion.TV is about cultural studies and history of society. Whatever the form, our attempts will always evolve around journalism, education, and art.

There will be quite a few different projects, some longer, some shorter (both in time and form), but the basic principle will remain.

The biggest challenge for us is, however, to finance the project through crowdfunding, without obtrusive advertising sticking out of every corner. Yes, it is difficult, but it is one of our fundamentals: volunteering.

This is probably the most difficult part of it (morally): to remind you every time that donations are welcome. But weighing between ads and reminders, we chose donations.

Whatever the situation, we will always treat the fact it as it is, facing the reality however absurd or hard it it. We will at least try to.

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 1 January 2019. — Dzerzhinsk (Russia)