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2019 In Photos And Events

Leo Urbanus hic vobiscum! Praha. October 2019

In the order of importance

Vegan ice-cream. Vyborg. June 2019

Our Story began: thanks for entering my life, dear: “aime-moi moins, mais aime-moi longtemps”, “love me less, but love me long” (Vyborg: 30.06.2019).

First vegan days. Dzieržinsk. July 2019

Became vegan under my darling Vlad’s influence (Saint Petersburg: 1.11.2019).

YouTube channel cover designed by Vlad. Internet. 2019

Levinarium YouTube channel was launched (Naķabino: 1.04.2019).

First. Piatigorsk. April 2019
Second. Rostov Vielikij. September 2019
Third. Gatčina. November 2019
Fourth. Koroliov. December 2019

Ran four half-marathons (Piatigorsk: 21.04.2019, Rostov Vielikij: 28.09.2019, Gatčina: 17.11.2019, Koroliov: 15.12.2019).

Granny’s outfit. Dzieržinsk. October 2019

Sold our Granny’s apartment (Dzieržinsk: 11.12.2019)

Upon the invitation by Inga Närjänen-Pichat, started releasing my signature podcasts on SéquenceFM (France) as a remote co-presenter (Sankt-Pietierburg: 1.12.2019).

Lemon. Saint Petersburg. June 2019
Rainbow. Saint Petersburg. November 2019

Made two hits dying my hair, thanks, Marina, you are the Genius (Sankt-Pietierburg: 12.06.2019; Sankt-Pietierburg: 20.11.2019).

Shooting intros to the second editions. Saint Petersburg. November 2019

Edited Stepik French and Latin, re-launching them in the second edition (Sankt-Pietierburg, 1.12.2019).

Stepik studio. Saint Petersburg. November 2019

Video recorded Stepik Russian to be launched in early 2020 (Sankt-Pietierburg: 23.11.2019).

Rainy day. Jēkabpils. August 2019
Somewhere deep in Latvia. Cesvaine. August 2019

Was invited to Latvia by Saša Siemionov who showed me its real life outside Riga (Jēkabpils: 8.08.2019).

Balcony. Minsk. August 2019

Tried «apartment exchange» with my Minsk friends Tania and Dima (Minsk: 11-20.08.2019).

Self-issued permission. Praha. October 2019

Took part in a self-organized Czech language and culture «mini-project» with Vitalie (Kladno/Praha: 13-21.10.2019).

Dopuskaj. Moscow. July 2019

Several protest rallies + coordinated live streams of the events in my channels (Moscow: 21.07-3.08.2019).

Cover. Saint Petersburg. March 2019

Published my first small book of comics after my script (Sankt-Pietierburg: 8.03.2019).

Article on Vyborg. Internet. January 2019

Published my Vyborg article in the Abandoned Spaces, thanks David (Sankt-Pietierburg: 11.01.2019).

Rock of Eurasia. Saint Petersburg. October 2019

Gave three talks in the course of one single day on linguistics and cultural studies at the Linguistic Fest.

Visited 30+ new cities and towns, vast majority of which are thanks to Vit and Saša, psychedelic children’s camp near Piter being my most ineradicable architectural impression of the year.

Children’s Camp. Solniečnoje. April 2019

Merry Christmas!

24 December 2019. — Dzerzhinsk (Russia)