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Patreon Launched

CityLion Online With You.

The First of September is the traditional Knowledge Day for me, so I deemed it right to present our creative plans.

We are now working on several projects:
* book on German grammar and culture (with Ilya Nalivkin, in Russian)
* videos about the Georgian and Turkish languages (in English)
* video project for YouTube about the history of philosophy and about ancient history (in English)
* book on Turkish culture and grammar (with Valeria Terzi, in Russian and in Turkish)
* video dialogs with my professional colleagues on the history of Eastern Europe (Den Abasov) and the history of philosophy (Pavel Chikalov) on YouTube (in Russian and in French)

Your support might easily help publish all those materials quicker than if I do it all by myself.

1 September 2022. — Ankara (Türkiye)