Pic(k)s of the week. 2019w12

This week was full of marvelous Russian documentaries and narrative films from 1960s and around.

«Recollections of Pavlovsk» (1983) is the only documentary throughout the entire cinema history to be an Oscar nominee. It is based on the diaries of the woman who was the director of Pavlovsk park during the siège of Leningrad and after the war. It might seem that the topic is narrow, which is an erroneous first impression.

«What is General Relativity» (1964) is a marvelous film popularizing physics.

«July Rain» (1966) is probably the last film from Khrushchev’s «Thaw» period. The end is the break-up and uncertainty.


Mieczysław Weinberg. Symphonies. All are recommended and underestimated

24 March 2019. — Nakhabino (Russia)