Pic(k)s of the Week. 2019w9

These picks of the week are about what I read and saw or experienced during the 1-3 March 2019, because these days were spent in Moscow where I can lazily go over lots of materials in solitude.

Places to go and to see

Museum of Russian Impressionism. Recommended 10 of 10: feels like Helsinki’s Kiasma. A very modern space, nice staff and a very interesting collection. Thank you, Vanja Mosin for inviting me there.

Staircase in the Museum of Russian Impressionism.

My fav so far is Igor Grabar’s “Path Near a Mansion” (“Dorožka v usadjbe”).

Igor Grabar. Dorožka v usadjbe

Caricyno Park in early spring (actually in full snow shroud still) impresses a lot. We did 10 km with Anton, and he called it “Progressive Stress Scale”: there were hills + snow + wind + I had a couple of kilos in my backpack. But it was a fantastic workout.

Caricyno Park. Perfect for extreme running

Two French musical discoveries

Florent Pagny and his marvelous hymn to the liberty of thought: “take everything from me (list attached), but you will not be able to take my right to think”.

Florent Pagny. La liberté de penser

La Rue Ketanou with their songs full of difficult word games. “La Chance”: “she left you and you thought throughout all these six months she was the love of your life, but in 15 ½ years you won’t think so…”

La Rue Ketanou. La chance


Carlos Drummond de Andrade. Powerful contemporary Portuguese poetry.

Alessandro Baricco. “Emmaus”. A very profound modern Italian novel: a 70-year-old man tells the story of his childhood with a very unexpected turn in the plot.

3 March 2019. — Nakhabino (Russia)