Pic(k)s of the week. 2019w8

This week, we had a cinema club at my home in Warszawskaja street (Saint Petersburg). The event was animated by Timofey Stepanov.

Focus on: «Ovsjanki» by Aleksej Fedorčenko (2010).

«Ovsjanki» by Aleksej Fedorčenko (RU)

And here is what it looked like after we watched the movie.

Discussion after the film.

Moreover, we have two nice (albeit naïve) Latvian animation works. «Joka pēc alfabets» is sung by the «Prāta Vētra» soloist, by the way.

The book of the week is the originally English-language work by Ramita Navai: «City of Lies: Love, Sex, Death and the Search for Truth in Tehran» (excerpt from the book to let you see how powerful her writing is). Iran is one of the most culturally underestimated countries, where cultural and social life booms on the international scale, but remains largely unknown by the wider audiences because of the permanent crashes onto its booming endeavors and discoveries.

24 February 2019. — Saint Petersburg (Russia)