Orwellian Times. 24 February 2019

A woman took a knife and several meters of Scotch tape, took her 6-year-old son to one of Moscow’s central parks, tied him to a tree and wrapped the boy’s head with a plastic bag.

Just a regular thing you know. They tie their own children everywhere and every day all around the world.

Having packed him well so that he could suffocate alright, she went home to have her evening tea. A warm February night tendely drove in. The boy was found alive the next morning: he somehow managed to untie himself and take the plastic bag off.

The mother (if the term is still applicable in these circumstances) was arrested, but keeps claiming the boy had run away himself.

Official Russian media are discussing the events in Venezuela and how bad Americans are, because they are supporting the oppposition.

In late December 2018 Moscow schools were stricken by the epidemic of dysentery. Only after Alexey Navalny’s investigations and Lubov Sobol’s video coverages the authorities finally started admitting the fact after two months. In late February 2019.

Official state media are discussing the Universiade in Krasnoyarsk and how cool it will be.

24 February 2019. — Saint Petersburg (Russia)