Pic(k)s of the Week. 2019w6

The week was mostly about working and not going out too much. Therefore, most picks of the week are music, films, and books.


Highly recommended: Russian profound satire and philosophy two-in-one, «Pokrovskije Vorota» («The Pokrovsky Gate»). Early 1980s. A mature man comes to see the house where he lived with his aunt in 1950s. The house is being demolished — and the man remembers his youth.

The owner of the film prohibited to insert the video onto external sites, so we got only direct links for you: part 1 and part 2.


Japanese soft rock has seduced me. The tracks are not too widely available on YouTube, but «Porno Graffitti» is definitely a highly recommended group.

Tracks: «Lonely Night», «Melissa», «Palette».

«Little River Band» (Australia). «The Night Owl» (1981)

«A Perfect Circle»: «Eat the Elephant» (2018)


Fantastic non-fiction book about the Livonian War of Ivan the Terrible.

10 February 2019. — Nakhabino (Russia)