Pic(k)s of the Week. 2019W5

Moscow is so festive and seducing these days. It’s really a pleasure walking downtown. Come join me now?

Moscow. Zarjadje park


Regina Spektor is definitely worth joining the recommendations of the week: her style and voice make you think both of ZAZ and Amy Winehouse, whereas her interpretation of Pasternak’s “Fevralj, dostatj černil i plakatj…” made this poet’s mediocre texts sound at least jazzy.

Omega. Powerful Hungarian rock. Advent Concert 2012. With organ and chrch choir. «Ne legyen» (starting 20’50»)

Powerful Symphonies 5 and 7 by Boris Tishchenko, Dmitry Shostakovich’s probably only student to gain international recognition.

«István, a király»: The most successfull Hungarian musical of the early 1980s. The story is about the times when Hungary was to choose between paganship and christianity, but there is more to it that simply the historical plot: at any historical period a nation always goes through a point when the choice is to be done.


Sweet movie (1974) by Dušan Makavejev . I have not for quite a long time seen a thing crazier than this absurdist movie. It is banned in many countries.
«Long Happy Life» (1966) by Gennady Shpalikov. A man meets a woman on a night bus ride. Everything seems so mystic and promising before the morning dawns…

3 February 2019. — Nakhabino (Russia)