Pic(k)s of the Week. 2019W4

Well, CityLion is very indiscreet this week. In order not to distract you from his most important pick of the week, he decided to put all other selections aside.

This time it is CityLion’s article published by the «Abandoned Spaces» portal (USA).

The topic is Vyborg and its misadventures in the last ten years. Actually, it is the first attempt to systematically talk about it aloud and internationally.


To make your life sweeter, despite what you’ve just read (or will have read), here’s, however, several idyllic photos of the Russian winter which is still in its utmost beauty.

Saint Petersburg. New Year lights going down.
Zelenogorsk (Terijoki). Finnish church of Ingria
Ilyichevo (Jalkala). Forest and sun

27 January 2019. — Nakhabino (Russia)