Pic(k)s of the week. 2019W3

This week I have quite a few geographical and cultural picks for ya.

First of all, the district in Saint Petersburg where CityLion now works and resides is pretty comfortable.

View from the window in Warszawskaja.
Definitely recommended to be visited. Pavlovo-Koltuši just outside Saint Petersburg. Constructivism and Pavlov museum.

Duderhof heights. From Baltijskij Railway station you take the train to Možajskaja station. The highest point of the city. Art-nouveau architecture


Recommended. Lithuanian play about Interwar Lithuania and some irrealistic dreams of those strange times

Music of the week

They are fantastic, those kids. Impressive song about a horse that ran away from its stable
Vytautas Kernagis. Lithuanian legend
Soviet discoveries all of a sudden.
Just number one this week. «Hadn-Dadn» use everyday routine phrases to make satirical tracks. «We are at home, because we are tired, because there was a lot of things to do yesterday about the house…»

20 January 2019. — Saint Petersburg (Russia)