Pic(k)s of the week: 2019W2

January 2019 is really about the Russian winter in its utmost perfection.

Frosty air at night in Nakhabino
Forest in Malakhovka

Whenever everything is covered with snow, it seems that things are going pretty well in this country, and we live in Finland or so.

As CityLion had to work hard and write a lot this week, he made a pick of electronic and ambient music to accompany your creative processes and wrap you with the blanket of soothing psychedelia.

All these guys are fantastic in general, I just handpicked the most salient. Up to you to listen to whole albums.

Mike Oldfield (UK). “Outcast”

Tangerine Dream (Germany). «Cliffs of Sydney»

Zodiac (Latvia). «Provincial Disco»

Klaus Schulze (Germany). «Vat Was Dat»

Kebu (Finland). «Perplexagon»

Kraftwerk (Germany). «Radioactivity»

Benkő László (Hungary). «Másik világ»

Edgar Froese, ex. Tangerine Dream (Germany). «Icarus»

The movie of the week is the experimental horror short film “Pyotr495” by a Canadian film director. The plot is set in Moscow. A teenager opens Hornet app and arrives where he was told to, and..

Watch here: https://o-zine.ru/pyotr495

15 January 2019. — Saint Petersburg (Russia)