CityLion’s Pick of the Week. 2019W1

Dzeržinsk (Nižnij Novgorod region) is pretty nice just several minutes after New Year’s midnight. The snow was so soft and clean that I could not believe I was in Russia. Although quite a lot of time I do have to spend with my parents there, it was the first time that I greeted the first seconds of the New Year in its streets. It was amazingly quiet and romantic.

January 1, 2019. Dzeržinsk. Several minutes after midnight.

CityLion has a couple of language books to recommend to you this week.

  • Safronov V.D. Derived verbs in Finnish (Russian is the original language: В.Д. Сафронов «Производные глаголы: Секреты финской грамматики», 2017). The first book I finally found to comprehensively explain what Finnish verbal suffixes mean: a necessary tool instead of learning the meaning of each and every verb.
  • Everyone who was trying to learn the Romanian language usually goes crazy because the Romanians themselves still can’t make up their mind on how grammar and spelling rules should function. Two books I discovered this week stick to the same old tradition, that of «learning by heart and training the feeling», but there is finally some better insight on the language system.
    • V. Kuculab «Romanian language» (Russian original: В. Куцулаб «Румынский язык», 2018)
    • A. Vulpe, A. Zavadski, I. Gutu «Simple Romanian» (Russian original: А. Вулпе, А. Завадски, И. Гуцу «Румынский легко и просто», 2015)
Finnish verbs
Romanian grammar books

Although there were a lot of fictional and non-fictional books I went over this week, there is only one, non-fictional, I will strongly recommend as CityLion’s pick this week: Andrej Mysjko «New architecture of Vyborg» (Russian original: А. Мысько. Вокруг Балтики: в поисках современной архитектуры, 2017). The book covers the period between 1944 and 2017.

Some interesting films to be checked out.

Short film «The Fat One» («Толстая», 2018) by Boris Chlebnikov is currently only available on the Tricolor site where it was premiered in late 2018. The 12-minute movie is about a boy who brings his girlfriend for the first time to his parents’ house. It is only a couple of hours before the New Year, and the girl is apparenly shocked by the way the parents treat each other.

Vitaly Mansky’s «Putin’s witnesses» (Виталий Манский: «Свидетели Путина», 2018) is for clear reasons prohibited in Russia. It is a strict documentary: Vitaly Mansky was Putin’s official journalist who accompanied him starting his first presidential campain in early 2000 till somewhat in June 2001.

And some new music that was added to my playlists this week.

«Republic» (Hungary): «16 tonna feketeszén», rock

Do you know how Latgalian sounds? Your double pleasure will be to hear it in the form of high-quality indie-rock: Bez PVN «Golds iz ustobys».

Moldavian tango to touch you deeply: Ion și Doina Aldea Teodorovici — «Indiferența».

6 January 2019. — Nakhabino (Russia)